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“F5” - 2021 oil & mixed media on linen (140x160)

 Alexander is a visual artist primarily focused in the medium of painting and combined sculptural frames.
Born in France (1999), to a Dutch father and Italian mother. Graduated from the Royal Academy of art, Den Haag with a BA in Fine Arts (2022). Jan Roede Award winner.
 Based in Italy and the Netherlands.
 Born to classical ballet dancers along a family tradition of classical art and raised in a world of digital entertainment, Alexander draws inspiration from both worlds and marries them together in an exploration of painting, print-making, sculptural frames and assemblage. He is looking for exciting ways of narrating the relation between subject and world through painting. Recurring elements are constantly shifting between the roles of performer and stage, their identities being warped through the constant renewal of the picture. 
"Within a large field a small daisy stands in the middle. Around the daisy stand menacing towering machines made of shape-shifting metals, violently and interruptedly move towards the flower; always a few inches from touching it, but never quite reaching it."     

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